Benefits of Energy Audits

Are you concerned that your facility may not be living up to its potential in energy efficiency? Or are you just curious to find out? As part of Switch Engineering’s commitment to sustainability, we provide ASHRAE Level 1-3 energy auditing services to clients who are interested in enhancing the energy efficiency of their buildings. Our findings might surprise you!


What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit, in simple terms, is an inspection and analysis of the energy flows of a building for the purposes of energy conservation. The goal of the process is to develop a better understanding of the specific energy consumption patterns of a facility. 
An energy audit determines where, when, why and how energy is being used in a building, provides information that can be used to improve energy efficiency while reducing utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and verifies the effectiveness of implemented retrofits to guarantee long-term cost and energy savings.
Generally, energy audits involve three main procedures: data collection, review and analysis, detailed system measurements, and a comprehensive review of facility operating procedures. Switch Engineering uses this information to recommend retrofits that are best suited for your facility. This is based on several factors, including initial cost, utility cost savings, payback time on investment, and energy + greenhouse gas reduction. These recommendations are then outlined in a practical, comprehensive report, allowing you to make informed decisions on the future of your facility. 

Benefits of Energy Audits

The benefits of energy audits reach far beyond the basics. Through the auditing process, Switch Engineering can prove that your facility is indeed operating at its finest, can recommend low-cost or major retrofits with significant impacts on efficiency, or can identify simple, zero-cost building commissioning changes that will substantially improve your energy consumption with a just a small tweak in your day-to-day operations. Together, these changes will lower your energy bills, reduce operations & maintenance costs, minimize the carbon footprint of your facility, including greenhouse gas production, and increase the lifespan of your equipment. Through improved indoor air quality, less harmful products and more natural daylight, energy audits ensure that all of your building occupants are comfortable and employees are working to their highest potential.



Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)

LEED is an international rating system for green building. For almost two decades, LEED Canada has been working with the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) to promote sustainability in buildings and communities across the country. LEED certification provides assurance that any facility, home or community was designed and built not only with the environment in mind but with key areas of human health, including location and transportation, indoor environmental quality and responsible resource selection. 
Two of Switch Engineering’s staff have credentials under the LEED program: Tony Valente (Principal) is a certified LEED Green Associate, and Sarah Toogood (Mechanical EIT) is a LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction (AP BD+C). With extensive knowledge and training in sustainable development, Switch Engineering’s credentialed staff are a great option to ensure that your facility is operating at its fullest potential. 




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