Joining the Ranks of the Corporate Climate Leaders Program

Corporate Climate Leaders Program 

Switch Engineering is proud to announce that we have joined Edmonton’s Corporate Climate Leaders Program.  

In joining this program, we hope to deepen our understanding of how we as a business can aid in the fight against climate change and inspire others to do the same. The Corporate Climate Leaders Program was created through the partnership of the City of Edmonton and Green Economy Canada to support the growing number of organizations concerned about climate change who want to take action.  

Here’s what we will be doing in this program alongside many other organizations:  

  • Implement greenhouse gas (GHG) management practices across operations; 
    • The City of Edmonton and Green Economy Canada will support in the implementation and aid in building lasting change within member organizations; 
  • Share best practices and lessons learned; 
  • Explore emerging business opportunities related to the low carbon economy; and 
  • Mentor newcomers and celebrate success! 

The overall goals of the program are to encourage and support Edmonton organizations in reducing their GHG emissions and increase their climate resilience. This program will help foster relationships within the Edmonton business community and promote further collaboration. By encouraging collaboration and creating a supportive and inspiring environment, together we will be able to fast-track a transition to a low-carbon and green economy. 


Switch Engineering is incredibly excited to join this program alongside other climate justice leaders in Edmonton and be given the opportunity to be able to learn, support and celebrate each other to help build a better future.  

To learn more about this initiative please visit Corporate Climate Leader Program. 

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