Proudly Green-e ® Climate Certified!

We are very happy to announce that DeCarbon has started the new year by becoming Green-e ® Climate certified!


About Green-e ®

The Center for Resource Solutions (CSR) Green-e ® certification program enables businesses and individuals to purchase verified clean energy and allows consumers to choose sustainable products and/or services. This certification is the trusted global leader in clean energy certification. Additionally, Green-e ® continuously advocates for the advancement of clean energy policies, markets and technology because of its economic and environmental benefits.

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What is Green-e ® Climate?

Green-e ® Climate is a global third-party certification program for carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are used to aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through various project types such as renewable energy, landfill methane capture, and agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU).

Additionally, Green-e ® Climate is a chain-of-custody certification for carbon offsets that requires project verification by endorsed programs (ACR, CAR, Gold Standard and VCS). CRS takes oversight further by monitoring how these offsets are transacted and advertised in the market. This ensures the protection of the buyer and seller.

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What does the Green-e ® Logo mean?

When you see the Green-e ® logo, you can trust that:

  • All carbon offsets offered have gone through a rigorous quality assurance check,

  • The carbon offsets meet the highest standard of quality in the industry,

  • Verification ensures that no offsets are double-counted; and

  • The company selling the certified carbon offsets agrees to abide by the Green-e ® Climate Code of Conduct, which governs the disclosure and verification requirements and ethical guidelines.

What does Green-e ® Climate certification mean to us?

To have Green-e ® Climate certified offsets means that the offset projects we offer our customers meet the highest standards for quality in the industry. This ensures buyers can trust they are getting what they paid for. This guarantee is of the utmost importance to us at DeCarbon. We pride ourselves in giving accurate and transparent emissions data, so it was a seamless fit to offer the same standard for our offset projects.


Here’s what some of the team at DeCarbon have to say about our certification:

James: “There's been a lot of controversy for carbon credits not doing anything. So, your money disappears because others can’t prove that they are doing anything. Having transparency means everything to me because you are getting what you pay for.”

Graham: “I like that our certification means we are transparent, reliable and accountable.”

From the beginning, it was decided that one of DeCarbon’s core values is “certified”. To be certified means we uphold the highest standards in our day-to-day work. It also expresses the importance we place on quality.

We are proud to call ourselves Green-e ® Climate certified and be among many other companies striving to make an impact and utilize climate leadership to empower others to do the same.