We Were Nominated as a Top CleanTech Company in Edmonton by Best Startup

Best Startup

We are honoured to have been chosen as one of the companies for Best Startup’s 2021 14 Top CleanTech Companies in Edmonton! Congratulations to the other 13 companies who have worked hard and continue to do great things for Edmonton and the environment! 

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About Switch Engineering

In 2017, Switch Engineering was born with one overarching goal in mind- to put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. Since our beginning a lot has changed; our team has grown, we’ve completed over 100 projects, we became a certified B Corporation and created our CleanTech product DeCarbon (to name a few). Even with all the changes, one thing remains the same, in fact, it’s become clearer than before- Sustainability isn’t just what we do, it is part of our DNA 

Our Mission, Vision & Values 

Our goal at Switch Engineering is to design a better future. We integrate sustainability into our principles, processes and business strategies. Sustainability is not another service we offer, it’s who we are.  


To be a leader in the use of technology and sustainable resources in Engineering services to reduce energy consumption, operating and construction costs for our clients. 


Sustainable Change for the Built World. 


Health, Safety & Welfare 

The safety, health, and welfare of our employees is a value, not a behavior. We are committed to promoting healthy living and care by providing a safe working environment for all our employees. 

Honesty & Integrity 

We conduct all of our business with openness, honesty, and integrity. We do not accept bad profits – profits that are earned at the expense of our customers, employees, or suppliers. 

Creative & Inclusive Environment 

The work that we undertake is managed in a creative and inclusive environment that fosters active communication and imaginative problem solving. We strive to maintain an open-source culture. 

Giving Back 

We value giving back to the local community through volunteering, charity, and sponsorship. 

Learn & Play at Work 

Incorporating lifelong learning and play into the work environment is important to promote and maintain creativity in problem solving.


B Corp 

Be the Change We Seek in the World 

Switch Engineering is a proudly certified B Corporation (B Corp) and has been since 2019. Having this certification means that we meet the highest standards of environmental and social performance, legal transparency and have gone through a rigorous vetting process. We have joined forces with companies that share the same goal (to use business as a force of good) that stretch over 130 industries and more than 60 countries.  

Within Alberta we are one of 23 certified B Corporations and the only Engineering firm! 

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In early 2020, we decided that we need to help solve the climate change problem. Most people know climate change is a problem, they want to do something about it but often don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming and discouraging. We soon realized the gap in the accessibility of sustainable technology solutions available to individuals and businesses. Fast forward to today, and we now have DeCarbon.  

We provide individuals and businesses with an advanced carbon calculator to measure, assess, and offset their carbon emissions. All offsets provided by DeCarbon are Green-e® Climate certified meaning they are ensured to meet the highest global standard and you will receive a certificate that validates your offset. 

About DeCarbon 

Our Promise 

We promise to make the world a better place by:  

  • Providing accurate and transparent energy consumption data through the 
    use of established engineering principles and years of experience; 

  • Offering carbon offsets certified by Green- e® Climate; and 

  • Altering the existing infrastructure to lower energy consumption. 

Our Values 


The changes that need to be made to better our planet cannot be done alone. We engage in a network of social, economic, and global relationships that are working towards the same goal- to build a better future. 


At DeCarbon, actions are taken daily on how we as a company and as individuals can better serve our planet through new ideas and advanced technology. 


Our certifications extend beyond our engineering services to the projects. We uphold the highest of standards in our day-to-day work including the projects through which carbon offsets purchased will fund. 

Impactful Sustainability 

We put a plan into action and change behaviours that no longer serve our community and the planet. We do this by participating in the UN's sustainable development goals. 


We value and encourage creativity through the tools and solutions we present businesses to fight for a sustainable future. We provide a customized plan for changed behaviour, updating infrastructure and purchasing carbon offsets to suit the individual needs of each business. 

Discover your footprint today!

Green-e ® Climate Certification 

This year, we received our Green-e® Climate certification, and we could be prouder! Green-e® is a global leader in clean energy and carbon offset certification. This certification program allows businesses and individuals to purchase trusted clean energy. Providing trusted clean energy means that customers can choose sustainable products and/or services with ease. 

Green-e® Climate requires that all carbon offsets projects be verified. This ensures that each offset project you purchase from meets the highest standards of quality.  

Acquiring Green-e® Climate certification means that the offset project we offer at DeCarbon meet the highest standards for quality in the industry. Our customers can always trust they are receiving what they pay for. This guarantee is of the utmost importance to us. We take pride in giving accurate and transparent emissions data. This made it a natural fit to offer the same standard for our offsets projects.  

Green-e® Climate 

A big thank you to Best Startup for including us in your Edmonton CleanTech edition! We are honoured to have been chosen amongst many other great companies in Edmonton.